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Here you can find all titles divided into subcategories.

  • Party & Humorous Games
    Party & Humorous Games

    Party games are games that encourage social interaction. They generally have easy setups and simple rules, and they can accommodate large groups of people and play in a short amount of time. Often funny and humorous.

  • Strategy / Gamers
    Strategy / Gamers

    Boardgames in which the players' decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome. Strategy games often require decision tree analysis, or probabilistic estimation in the case of games with chance elements. Generally not suitable for youngers and can last hours.

  • Dice BoardGame
    Dice BoardGame

    Dice games often use dice as its sole or principal component. Dice games traditionally focus almost exclusively on dice rolling as a mechanic. It includes the “dice version” of the famous boardgame.

  • Sport BoardGame
    Sport BoardGame

    Boardgames with Sport subject.

  • Abstract BoardGame
    Abstract BoardGame

    Games theme-less (without storyline) and little to no elements of luck, chance, or random occurrence.

  • Horror BoardGame
    Horror BoardGame

    Boardgames with Horror subject.

  • Wooden BoardGame
    Wooden BoardGame

    Boardgames where the wood is the sole or principal material  of the components. It includes the “coffe table games”.

  • War Boardgame
    War Boardgame

    Boardgames with War subject. Do not includes the classic “hex and counters” wargames.

  • Vintage BoardGame
    Vintage BoardGame

    Classic Boardgames of the '80s or previous years.

  • Sci-Fi Battle
    Sci-Fi Battle

    Boardgames with Sci-Fi subject, often with miniatures

  • Fantasy Battle
    Fantasy Battle

    Boardgames with Fantasy subject, often with miniatures

  • Wings of War / Wings of Glory
    Wings of War / Wings...

    Wings of War / Wings of Glory Games and minis.

  • Family

    Games to play with family and friends, even not experts. Games not complicated, not very long (approx 1 hour).

  • Gioco dell'Anno finalisti 2021
    Gioco dell'Anno...
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Showing 1 - 50 of 9571 items


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