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Every child needs the right daily moment of fun through toys and games. In addition to sleep, nutrition and well-being, each child must also spend a lot of his time playing and above all from the first year of life, every child needs absolutely fun and entertainment.

Absolutely indispensable activity that spurs him to know and relate to the world around him. The game allows him to discover everything that surrounds him, also helping him in memory, in learning, discovering the outside world's colors and shapes. And it is also a way to spur his imagination.
The best pediatricians advise absolutely to let them interact both individually, with single toys, and between peers.

In this category are collected all types of toys: for individuals, to group games, to soft toys divided by age group, by type of materials, by settings.

  • Wooden Toys
    Wooden Toys

    We believe it is very important to bring our children back to an environment of natural games. We choose companies that put their enthusiasm and creativity to make toys that bring back the energy and emotion of playing with the warmth of wooden toys into family. But above all with respect for nature and trees thanks to forest renewal programs and the use of paints that comply with the safety regulations of the major countries of the world.

  • Creative Toys
    Creative Toys

    Every child is different and unique, with his personality, his tastes and his pace of development. The game is essential to develop and stimulate their different skills, abilities and intelligence. But it also teaches him to be independent and to relate to the world. To achieve emotional balance and work on his self-esteem. When children play they have fun, laugh, feel the thrill. This joy is the basis of the learning that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. Because emotions are the most effective way to consolidate learning and make them able to achieve any goal. The game is the way they learn and creative toys are their best allies. Putting the right toys at the right age in their hands will make them the happy children of today and the curious, creative and human adults of tomorrow...

  • Outdoor Toys
    Outdoor Toys

    All parents know how important outdoor activity is for their children and we could find thousand reasons to support this thesis. But let's see which of these are the main ones...

    The daily reality sees us forced to pressing rhythms, untangling between home, work, family, and the children themselves have the days marked by school, extracurricular activities (gyms, lessons of all disciplines ...). The houses are increasingly small and functional, as are the other activities that often take place in closed and well-structured environments.
    Within this framework, the need to rediscover the open space is growing stronger, to the point that research in recent years has focused on the importance of Outoor Education. These researches are increasingly influencing the European and Italian pedagogical currents by proposing the value of contact with the external environment, and the possibility of drawing from this experience the best that it can offer!

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