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Children Games 

In this category there are educational and / or didactic games for children, produced only with excellent materials, divided by age

  • Not Declared Age
    Not Declared Age
  • Age 0-3
    Age 0-3
  • Age 4+
    Age 4+
  • Ages 5+
    Ages 5+
  • Age 6+
    Age 6+
  • Age 8+
    Age 8+
  • Educational Games
    Educational Games
  • HABA

    At HABA they follow a fundamental principle: toys must also excel in terms of materials and workmanship. For this reason they choose high quality materials. In addition, they constantly monitor the processes, both during production in their factory and at their suppliers. At the time of its foundation, in 1938, and in the following years, HABA made exclusively wooden products. But since they have dedicated themselves to the production of board games, they have also used sturdy cardboard for game boards and cards. In the past decades, the HABA product range has been growing, thus introducing ever new materials, such as various polyester and fine plastic fabrics. All the materials used are subjected to an accurate control process from the start of production.

  • Scientific Games
    Scientific Games

    Per le nuove generazioni, è fondamentale apprendere l’uso delle fonti energetiche , in modo da imparare la tutela del proprio futuro. Per questo è importante proporre al bambino attività scientifiche volte alla scoperta del mondo che ci circonda, a metà fra il gioco e la scoperta di leggi e principi fisici o naturalistici.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 1108 items


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