never stops!

Published : 03/12/2020 12:00:00
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Your orders will be delivered!

We're living a difficult moment, but together we'll overcome everything!

We all have to respect our duties and play our role as gamers have to do in every strategical games.

We are doing team work!

Our shippings won't stop: despite most shops are closed, we will maintain our online services, in order to preserve your need and desire of fun with boardgames.

We have reorganized our job routine: we're working together as a family and we'll do our best to ship your orders and to bring your favourite boardgames to you!

Stay at home, but never loose your smile and your desire of playing games!

Indeed, We told you that boardgames are good for your health. Read the post here. never stops!

Tell us about you!

How are you spending these days?

Which boardgames will full your time?

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