Der Trötofanten-Zirkus

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"The Tootophants Circus" - Simple, fast-paced, lots of fun! The world's largest elephant circus is in town. Will you be the new ringmaster?

You've never heard of tootophants? They are a very rare breed of elephants with golden trumpet noses that are much louder than their fellow elephants with trunks. Now the elephant circus is looking for a new circus director, because every animal would like to have the ring to itself – and there's a lot of confusion! Which one of you can collect the most elephants and tootophants and play the “trumpet” to his fellow players?

The players form a circus ring with the cards – and then the action starts: You can collect animals with the same strengths or steal the decks of the other players by tooting loudly. Mice and the mousetrap provide even more fun – and the enclosed expansion sets Tamer and Lasso offer additional variety. Great entertainment for young and old. TOOT!!!

Game instructions in German and English included. Components are language-independent.

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