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Normally we ship with Internnational Courier within 24h after we receive the payment.

The transport in EU is based on express mail service, and it arrives normally in 2-10 working days depending on the service.

For any other doubt please check here the FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

FREE SHIPPING in most European Country
starting from a defined order value. Just try to send an order and see the shipping fares before the final confirmation.


Please choose a correct shipping address where you can receive boxes at any time. Otherwise will be difficult to deliver the box and refund you in case of problems. You can also ask for a standard mail service shipping using Post office insted of Courier.

We particularly look after the packaging, for this reason we spend time and material to ensure a safe packaging. Even if GiochinScatola is NOT directly responsible for the transport and cannot guarantee any refund for NOT insured shipping, anyway we protect very well your games and in these years we had very few damage report.


The shipping in the rest of the world is based on express or standard air mail service with or without tracking depending on the order value, it arrives normally in 2-3 weeks.

To know the exact cost just choose your games and procede with the shipping calculation to know the exact price. 

For any other doubt, please check our FAQ here

If you have different needs or just a question about shipping, please write to info@giochinscatola


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