HEXplore It: The Forests of Adrimon

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HEXplore It: The Forests of Adrimon 2019 Mint Mint Mariucci J. Designs, LLC english POD / Ordered on Request
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The forests were once populated by the elves of old - stewards of nature and protectors of the realm of fey. They departed nearly a century ago, emptying their pristine cities. Slowly the settlements were repopulated by other races and culture eventually returned to their walls.

Now, however, the peoples of the forest kneel to one enigmatic sorceress named Adrimon. All who enter slowly succumb to her presence, eventually becoming mindless slaves bound to her will. The cities are now lost, havens only to the mind-wiped. They work tirelessly on the Magi's automatons, enormous constructs fueled by the souls she has bound.

There have been heroes who have faced her and failed. In each attempt, they sacrificed themselves, vowing an oath that just might lead to Adrimon's undoing. These oaths gave power to their equipment creating relics that can diminish her magic, but they have been broken to pieces and scattered throughout the land. It is whispered that the only way Adrimon can be defeated is to find these relic fragments and piece them together.

Enter the Forests of Adrimon and attempt to gather the relic fragments, creating powerful equipment that may help destroy the sorceress. Players will be able to gain Favors from the spirits of the heroes who came before them, sneak into the mind-wiped cities, move though the fey-realm and interact with the Dryad (a powerful ally), battle tough foes and even save some of them from the Magi's wrath. There are hundreds of unique scenarios that can affect each game.

Team up to create your heroes and unseat the terrible sorceress, freeing the mind-wiped from their terrible enslavement. HEXplore It is a cooperative, hero building, adventure board game system. The Forests of Adrimon is the second title in the HEXplore It universe. It is both a stand alone game and an expansion.

Data sheet
Designer Jonathan Mariucci
Playing Time 180 min
Suggested Ages 12+
Year Published 2017
Min. # of Players 1
Max # of Players 7
Language Dependance Extensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
Mechanic Cooperative Play
Game Setting Fantasy
Valutazione BGG 8
E' nella lista dei desideri di 282 players
E' nella collezione di 703 players


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