Bohnanza: Bohnedikt

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With Bohnedikt, an expansion for Bohnanza first released in 2009 by Lookout Games, players now have two specialized fields in which to plant their beans: The Monastery Garden and "Gottesacker" (or "God's Acre", a colloquial name for a graveyard).

The name "Bohnedikt" is derived from Pope Benedikt, and this expansion introduces Bohn-edict cards that can be planted solely in the Monastery Garden. This expansion also has "victim" cards that depict two types of beans. Shuffle the Bohn-edict cards with the regular Bohnanza cards, then deal everyone starting hands. Players then each take one victim card and place it at the back of their hand.

Gameplay changes as follows: Bohn-edict cards serve as a joker and can be played onto either of your bean fields, but they have no beanometer, so if you must harvest a field with a Bohn-edict on top, you earn no gold! If a Bohn-edict is flipped during the trading phase, then the rule on the card comes into effect, changing the trading phase solely for that turn.

If you have the two bean cards in hand — or in the hand and in trade — that match your victim card, you can discard the victim card and plant both of those beans in your graveyard. You can plant cards in the graveyard only if they match the top card on your graveyard, and when you harvest, you use the beanometer of the graveyard's top card and convert the most recently played cards into coins.

The AMIGO version of Bohnedikt features more victim cards than in the Lookout Games version.

Data sheet
DesignerUwe Rosenberg
DesignerJochen Steininger
Playing Time60 min
Suggested Ages12+
Year Published2016
Min. # of Players3
Max # of Players5
Language DependanceSome necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
MechanicHand Management
MechanicSet Collection
Game SettingFarming
Valutazione BGG6.8
E' nella lista dei desideri di34 players
E' nella collezione di202 players

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