Daemonibus - Rixa Nanorum

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The demons horde was woken up and the Fight was cruel and hard. All races formed an alliance, each race under its own Clan, they wanted to chase away the Vampires, Werewolves and Ghoul which have invaded the Questland and now are still infected the northern land of Millenarocca! The horrible legion is barricaded in the Entombed Cemeteries but the Fight seems to be endless; for each monster killed, others are generated by Mortimer The Dead bodies Creator who feeds them!

Oh, here are coming, from the West, the noble dwarf Princes: The Longcleaver Twoforges and Barbascia brothers, Musgro Ironsledgehammer, Gronkia The Ferocious and Drillbreakdown Sandy and Rimba twin. Their duty is to call back all their own Clan followers (which are involving in vain duels in the Kings crypts) and to kill Mortimer!

The one, who will kill the demon, will be elected at the head of the Clan! For the glory of Alaknuttathot!

Extracted from “The ConQuest Sagas” written by Vascalunga, Water wizard

A long time has passed since last mission...
But now it's your turn to prove skills and courage.
Kill the evil Mortimer and stop his army of terror!
Be a true Hero, be a true Dwarf!

Game Contents:

  • 4 Interlocking parts to create the Cemetery
  • 1 Squared part to be inserted at the center of the game board
  • 2 6 sides dice (d6)
  • 49 «Daemonibus» cards
  • 6 «Clan» cards
  • 6 Adventurer pawns + 6 wooden standing bases
  • 3 Curse pawn (Ghoul, Werewolf and Vampire)
  • 1 Demon pawn (Mortimer The Dead bodies Creator)
  • 6 Markers to be used on the hero card
  • 10 “Crypt” cards
  • 1 Playing rules handbook including the hero cards
Data sheet
DesignerPaolo Vallerga
Playing Time75 min
Suggested Ages10+
Year Published2005
Min. # of Players2
Max # of Players6
Famiglia GiocoFantasy
Valutazione BGG5.1
E' nella lista dei desideri di24 players
E' nella collezione di78 players

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