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1985 Perfect Minor Wear GW (Games Workshop) ita uk Sold Out Yes
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1985 Perfect Perfect GW (Games Workshop) ita uk Sold Out Yes
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DungeonQuest Perfect Minor Wear GW (Games Workshop) ita uk Sold Out Yes
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Dungeon Quest

A thousand years have passed since the evil wizard T'Siraman fell, but men still fear to enter his dark fortress of Dragonfire Castle, which squats grim and brooding atop Wyrm's Crag. In the villages that huddle in its shadow, stories are whispered of the fabulous treasures which fill the castle's dungeons, and of the things which guard them. Old men draw closer to their fires and tell of the noises which echo across the valley at night, when the castle seems to take on a malign life of its own. Few indeed return in daylight: their eyes are troubled, and they are reluctant to tell of their adventures None has eva returned after nightfall.

The ruddy light of sunrise begins to burn off the autumn mist, and four pairs of eyes look toward the looming keep. Four minds reflect on the villagers' tales, and four hands tighten their grip on four weapons: Sir Rohan the Knight, with his shining armour and greatsword; Ulf GrimEand, the Barbarian from the far north, with his huge double-headed axe; El-Adoran the Ranger, with his deadly longbow and forester's shortsword; and Volrik the Brave, the swaggering Adventurer. Fools or Heroes? Only time will tell.

Game Contents:

  • 1 game board

  • 68 full colour playing counters

  • 1 12-sided dice

  • 1 6-sided dice

  • 4 character counters

  • 4 plastic holder to the characters

  • 115 room tiles

  • 174 full colour cards

  • 4 full colour character sheets

  • 4 superbly detailed plastic playing pieces

  • reference sheet

  • 1 rules booklet

Dungeonquest is a fantasy boardgame in which you play a hero braving the terrors of Dragonfire Castle. This hero is known as your character. There are four characters provided with the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as shown on their Character Sheets. Dungeonquest has been carefully balanced, so that each character has roughly the same chance of succeeding and surviving. The game may be played solo or with up to four players.

Your task is to enter the dungeons beneath Dragonfire Castle. find your way to the Treasure Chamber in the middle. and escape - in a multi-player game, you must escape with more treasure than your opponents in order to win. You must escape before the sun goes down; for after dark, the inhabitants of the castle become stronga, and no mortal could possibly survive. Even in daylight. the dungeons are dangerous, with dead ends. monsters, traps, and last - but certainly not least - the Dragon which guards the treasures. After long experience and extensive playtesting, we know that your character has about a 15/io chance of survival...

The basic playing principle of Dungeonquest is a simple one: on each turn. you move your playing piece to an adjoining square on the gameboard. If this square is empty, you draw a Room Tile and put it in the square, thus building up a map of the Dungeon as you play the game. You then take a card from the top of the Room deck to see if there is a trap or monster there. If there was already a Room tile on the square to which you moved, you do not draw a Room tile, but still draw a Room card.

Of course, there are exceptions to this basic principle. Certain Rooms have special rules, and you follow these instead of taking a Room card. Also, you may choose to search the room you are in instead of moving, in the hope of finding secret doors or hidden treasures.

With skill and a bit of luck, your character will reach the Treasure Chamber, with its incalculable riches and its large. sleeping Dragon. Once there, you may try to take some of the treasure - but be very careful not to wake the Dragon!

A game of Dungeonquest lasts for 26 turns. At the end of the 26th turn, night falls, and the player whose character got out of the dungeon with the most treasure is the winner. It is better not to ask what happens to those characters who are still in the dungeon at nightfall...

Sometimes, no characters will survive. All the players have lost, and Dragonfire Castle stands victorious on Wyrm's Crag, awaiting the next group of fools and heroes.

Data sheet
DesignerJakob Bonds
DesignerDan Glimne
Playing Time60 min
Suggested Ages10+
Year Published1985
Min. # of Players1
Max # of Players4
Language DependanceSome necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
MechanicTile Placement
MechanicDice Rolling
MechanicVariable Player Powers
MechanicPress Your Luck
MechanicRole Playing
Famiglia GiocoFantasy
Valutazione BGG6.7
E' nella lista dei desideri di351 players
E' nella collezione di3531 players

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