Passa la Bomba e Activity: Let’s Party [003]

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A mix of Activity and Tick Tock Boom!
The Activity cards are labeled on the back with numbers from 3-5, this gives the number of fields that you pull with the right answer on. The terms of the front are marked with symbols for drawing the type of representation, mime or explain in words.
The Tick Tock Boom cards show combinations of letters that must be contained in the searched words. It mixes all the cards and plays one standard Activity, until a Tick Tock Boom card appears. Now is a dice where the letters in the word must stand, the bomb is started and who is called a correct term, passes the bomb. The bomb may draw the team that gave the last word, four squares forward, the team, the bomb exploded, goes back a field. In the last four fields with the correct solution is always drawn only one field. The team that first reaches the goal box wins.

Data sheet
DesignerLos Rodriguez
Playing Time20 min
Suggested Ages12+
Year Published1994
Min. # of Players2
Max # of Players10
Language DependanceNo necessary in-game text
MechanicHot Potato
PremiÅrets Spill Best Party Game Nominee
Valutazione BGG5.8
E' nella lista dei desideri di65 players
E' nella collezione di2403 players

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