After the Holocaust

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The Course of the Conflict… Eve of the Holocaust, September 23rd, 1982..”Unless the United States immediately dismantles the weapons of aggression that it has placed in orbit (OWL-Star Wars) system the USSR will have no choice but to use its most powerful strategic weapons to the greatest extent to destroy the United states of America & her reckless, war-mongering Government.. If a positive reply is not received within three hours of this message, the destruction of the destruction of the United States and her puppet states will commence”. 

The first Soviet missiles impacted at 0216 hours September 24th 1982 (31 minutes in advance of their deadline). The exchange continued for and crescendo to a massive spasm in the seventh hour of the Four Days War. Ninety-one hours after the exchange started the last missiles impacted.. America was dead!.. The Soviet Union was dead!.. As well as the rest of the industrialized nations of the world!! America lost 120 million citizens during the initial attack and tens of millions suffered & died!! By 1987, the former United States of America had a population of 40 million. These fragmented regions coalesce around “provisional” governments, which sprung up after the war. The years went by and the regions started to recover & compete for each thought itself to be the rightful successor to the old Federal Government. Twenty years after the Holocaust four energetic, autonomous governments held power in North America. Of course each wanted to control all of America! 

This game is a simulation of a possible real-world event during the Cold War.. The pieces of the game represent various economic capabilities and commodities, military units, and industrial sites. Each player attempts to produce the most for the least cost and trade with other players to his/her best advantage. Each region is divided into 5 Economic sectors in which he produces Food..Consumer Goods..Industrial Machinery and Plants.. Transport.. Metal and Fuel. To do this he must employ and pay labor, properly invest money (collected from Sales and Taxation).. and Provide for the expansion and security of his region at the opponents expense..Of course!! Objective is to raise his Region’s Standard of Living.. The enlargement of his territories and increase the Region’s Productivity.  

Game Contents: 

  • 400 Die-cut Counters
  • 1 22" x 34" Map of United States –After the Holocaust
  • 1 Rule Booklet
  • 1 Set of Money and Game Charts
Data sheet
DesignerRedmond A. Simonsen
DesignerIrad B. Hardy
Playing Time240+ min
Suggested Ages12+
Year Published1977
Min. # of Players3
Max # of Players4
Language DependanceModerate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
MechanicWorker Placement
Valutazione BGG6
E' nella lista dei desideri di78 players
E' nella collezione di444 players

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