Age of Renaissance - AH '96 [003]

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Age of Renaissance - AH '96 [003] Played OnceDentedAvalon Hill english Last copies, no more available in the future!
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We begin in the 8th century A.D. deep in the heart of the Dark Ages. All but the last vestiges of the Roman state, masters of the known world, have been swept away by pillaging barbarians whose tide has ebbed leaving nothing of substance. Against this somber background, this long awaited sequel to Civilization begins where its predecessor ended. Three to six players vie to re-establish their civilizations via trade while advancing in Science, Religion, Commerce, Communications, Exploration and Civics.

While gains are measured in economic terms rather than territorial conquest, the proceedings are nothing, if not warlike. Against the backdrop of war, plague, famine, and religious strrife such personalities as Newton, Galileo, Gutenberg, Erasmus, Copernicus, Charlemagne, Polo, Da Vinci, and Columbus appear to guide mankind to the threshold of a new beginning with startling discoveries in their respective fields.

For victory is not won at the point of a sword, but in the acquisition and application of 26 Advances ranging from Carvan to Industry. Each Advance grants its owner a potentially game-winning advantage, while the order in which these Advances are acquired, despite the fearsome calamities of the Middle Ages, will determine the speed with which you can discover the New World, inaugurate the Enlightenment, and usher in the Renaissance.

The game is quicker than its lineage would suggest and is playable in an evening in any of the three different versions catered to one's available playing time.

Game Contents:

  • One 22" x 32" mounted mapboard
  • Three sheets of die-cut playing pieces
  • One pad of Advance Logs
  • Six Player Mats
  • One deck of 64 History Cards
  • One Rulebook and Designer's Notes

Outstanding Gamer's Game
Andrew Markiewicz
Nov 16, 2001

I love Avalon Hill's games because of the balance and complexity they design into them, and AOR is definitely one of the best. (I hope Hasbro will continue that tradition, but I'm not holding my breath.) With that, I wouldn't start a new gamer on this game, but anybody who's gamed before will love the torture of trying to balance the need to buy advancements with the need to expand.

I think this game is a better version (2.0) of Civilization. You don't get commodity cards for each city you own as in Civ, but rather particular provinces produce certain commodities, e.g. provinces in the far east produce 'spice' or 'silk' etc. For me, this is more interesting, since you need to take over a province economically to acquire that commodity. And as in Civ, when you have more of one commodity, the amount of money you get goes up exponentially.

Others have explained the general game well, so I won't rehash that. In all honesty, there is too much to talk about to do the game justice. To give you an idea of how many facets there are to the game, it typically takes me 45 minutes to an hour to explain the rules to a new player. But it is well worth it.

The commodity log is abysmal. Shame on AH for not testing that more. We don't even use it. Search on the web for documents someone has created which have a small square for each province so you can just take the square when you take over the province. Lose one, give it to whoever took it over. Need to know how many wine provinces you have, count them up in front of you--very easy. In fact, I've heard the next edition of AOR--the European version, I think--incorporates that method into the new design and removes the commodity log.

One bad part of the game is the constant starting point. It always seems you know what Genoa, Barcelona and Venice will do in the first three turns of the game. But as we play more, it becomes fun to try to experiment with different strategies, and I think there may be revelations in future just when you've think you've hit a wall in strategy. That's happened to me in [page scan/se=0431/sf=category/fi=stockall.asc/ml=20]Axis & Allies as well. The whole dynamics of a game can change if someone just does something a little different. Do the same thing... you get stagnation.

All in all, excellent game which our group just loves to play.

Data sheet
DesignerDon Greenwood
DesignerJared Scarborough
Playing Time240+ min
Suggested Ages12+
Year Published1996
Min. # of Players3
Max # of Players6
Language DependanceExtensive use of text - massive conversion needed to be playable
MechanicArea Movement
Game SettingMedieval
Game SettingRenaissance
PremiOrigins Awards Best Pre-20th Century Board Game Winner
Valutazione BGG7.1
E' nella lista dei desideri di368 players
E' nella collezione di2801 players

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