Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Combined Orders

I have placed an order for one item. Then I saw another game I would like to buy, what do I have to do ?

If the first order you have placed is not already shipped, you only have to make a second order and write in the note: "Shipping combined with order XXX". You will not pay any additional shipping fares. If you payed them twice, we will promptly refund the ones you have not used !


Q2: Games temporarly out of stock (TOS) or not available immediately and PREORDERS

What does it means "PREORDER" ?
For the game "XY", I find this message in my shopping cart: Games TOS, in 48H we will tell you the availability. What can I do regarding the payment ?

PREORDER is a game that will arrive later some time it is limited quantity or at special price.
To avoid missing this game or to pay more subsequently, you can book and pre-pay this game.
We will send you the game as soon it arrives. But you can change the game or ask for a refund until the game is not incoming.
For this reason if you want to delete a prorder done please wait for the our confirmation (we will check if the game is incoming or not).

You can pay immediately or later on when we give you an answer about availabilities, as you prefer (but please remember that games are assigned to players following to the order of payment). If the game is not available immediately, we will inform you about delivery times but we NEVER ship an order even if only one of the games you have choosen is not available. In this case, following to the agreements we have made with the Player, you can decide to wait, change the game, leave an open credit and have the rest of the games shipped, have a refund, etc...


Q3: Shipping Address

If there is not going to be someone at the shipping address, how can I receive my order?

Don't Panic ! :-) We can ship to another address of your choice, eg: work address, a friend, your neighbours etc...

Q4: I have received an empty email from GiochinScatola!

Some programs do not accept special html code. You can try to change your preferences or just "answer" the email to see if the messages appear. In any case you can ever ask to send you the content of the email again if you receive an empty email


Q5: I have payed the order with paypal, but I can't see it !

In this case you have probably closed the "payment window" without returning to the order session.

No panic ! :) In this case please simply :

1. Repeat your choices in our web site (probably the games are still in your cart!)

2. Choose "check/money tranfer" payment, in this way you will not pay twice ! :)

3. WRITE IN THE NOTES : "already payed with paypal on date XX /YY"

In this way we could manage the order for you and you can follow the order status in real time !

Q6: Can you inform me via e-mail non as soon as the game I am looking for is back in stock ?

To be notified via e-mail, you can ask for the products notifications directly in the page of the game.

You can also update your product notification list at any time in your account.

Q7: Customer service / Returns :

Broken or missing pieces or I want to return a game

R: Please see >

R: Please see > Customer Service !

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