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Age of Steam Box #2 + Expansions Bundle

Age of Steam Box #2 + Expansions Bundle

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The main expansion is Age of Steam: Paris & Moscow. Viard briefly describes this expansion as follows: "Paris has no hexes, while in Moscow the players must keep careful track of the Russian Mafia, who will change the cities' colour demands throughout the game."

AoS: Paris & Moscow comes with a pair of mini-expansions: Robot, which is used with Viard's AoS: Moon expansion, and Hexpansion, a new set of New City tiles that can be used on most Age of Steam maps. All four of these expansions come packed inside Age of Steam Box #2, which will be convenient for those who have outgrown Box #1.

The Paris expansion is the first expansion with absolutely NO hexes and therefore no need for hex tiles! Instead connections will be marked with a player's discs. The map follows the exact layout of Paris, with twenty districts that have the same connections as in the real thing. The Seine divides Paris into two parts, with half of the districts being reachable by fly boats. Thus, there is a new action called "fly boat" that allows a player to use a fly boat once to deliver cubes via the Seine, using ONE locomotive when moving with the flow of the river, but TWO locomotives when moving in the other direction. Players will score only one point.

Age of Steam – Paris

As for Age of Steam: Moscow, Viard says, "There are eight districts that the Mafia will explore each turn in clockwise order, and wherever the Mafia is located for the turn all cities in that district are black instead of their normal colors. The Mafia action allows the player to choose which district is affected by the Mafia."

Age of Steam – Moscow

Hexpansion is a new set of twelve city tiles that can be used on most any Age of Steam game board, from the basic game onward. You place these tiles on top of the existing cities on the game board, and now the color of a city depends upon where you connect to it with your link.

The Robot Factory tile is used with Viard's previously released Age of Steam: Moon expansion. Says Viard, "This expansion has been designed to balance the building on the Moon map since the far East and West were not very useful in the basic expansion game." Once all six cities on the Moon map are connected by rail, the Robot Factory is placed on the far East or West zone of the Moon. This tile is multi-colored, except during night turns, and each time something is delivered to the Factory, it generates a black cube.

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